A 'Data Record' is a single or unique file for a specific client, patient or customer. From a practical standpoint, in most cases it is a single client, patient or customer, but this should be further clarified.

   A 'Data Record' is simply the pairings of variables and the values recorded onto the Instant Database screen and which is saved to a file on your computer. This data record can be reused with other documents containing the same variables, avoiding reentry of the same data.

Creating a new Data Record:

After document assembly ("ad hoc"):

   Fully discussed under the Scan sub-heading. Creating the Data Record after the assembly of the document is the 'classic,' but by no means the required, technique. You can create a Data Record at any time.

Prior to document assembly:

   Pathagoras understands that many offices may wish to input a client or customer's data independently of a document assembly session. So, a data input clerk who has no document assembly responsibilities can still create a Data Record for use by other staff members for a later document assembly session.

   In order for this feature to work effectively, you must have previously created an 'Input Form Mask' into which the personal data can be entered. An Input Form Mask is simply an Instant Database screen which contains a complete list of the variables for which you wish to capture personal data. The mask becomes the vehicle by which personal data can be requested and then stored.

   See Masks for the steps needed to create an Input Form Mask.

Using Data Records -- the 'database' part of "Instant Database":

   Assemble a second document for a client or customer. Press <Alt-D> to display the Instant Database screen. Instead of scanning for [bracketed] variables or recalling a mask, click the Existing Records drop down list in the upper right corner of the Instant Database screen. Find and click the client or customer name you saved earlier. Make any changes to the data that may be appropriate. Click Next>>. That is all!


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To call in an existing record, click on the Existing Records drop down list.

informationThe original default location where Pathagoras stores Input Masks and Data Records is:

"C:\Program Files\Pathagoras\IDBS".

You can easily navigate to this location using ordinary Word and Windows navigation techniques.

You can easily change this location. Those who have purchased a network package may wish to point the default location to one on the server. See IDB File Locations

   There is no limit to the number of times that you can reuse a Data Record. There is no limit to the number of data records you can create.

   The last used records (up to 9) appear in the top portion of the 'Existing Records' drop down list.