Organizing and Changing a Mask

   Once you have created the basic Mask, either manually or automatically, you may want to reorganize or make other adjustments to make it more consistent with your intake sheets or more logical for your staff to complete.

Rearranging, Inserting, Deleting: Using the buttons found in the Power Tools section of the screen, you can easily arrange and rearrange the order of the variables, insert additional variables, and delete variables you don’t want.

   When you are satisfied with your changes, save your Mask again by hitting  the “Save” button in the “Input Form Masks" box in the upper left hand corner of the IDB screen.  



Using the Move Up/Down Arrows, the Mask can be made
more ‘user-friendly.’

  lightbulbsmallDon’t worry if every variable is not in your Mask when you save it, or if  the order of the Document Variables in the Mask is not the ‘best.’ Pathagoras lets you easily recall it and easily modify it later. Simply open the IDB screen, recall the mask from the list at the left, make your desired changes, and save it again.

  lightbulbsmallSorting the variables:  You can manually 'sort' your variables by moving them up and down on the Instant Database page. A faster way, when you have a lot of variables to sort, is to preface the variable with a number and the let Pathagoras do the sorting for you. After you have numbered the variables, click the 'Alphabetize Variables' item in the Power Tools page.

Note the following: The sort is alphabetical. To sort numbers 'alphabetically' requires that each number be the same length. Otherwise '2' will sort after '10'. So, if necessary, pad the sorting # with '0's'. '01', '02', . . . '10' . . . '60', etc.; If you expect over 100 variables: '001', '002', . . ., '010' . . ., '100 ', etc. Once fully sorted, save the Mask. Even though saved, you can freely edit the Mask. Just save it again after you have finished editing.