"[Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry]" is a multiple choice item. So is [*States*]. When a multiple choice list is encountered by Pathagoras, it parses the various options and presents those choices in a dropdown list on the face of the Instant Database screen. Typically, you would drop down the list, select a single value from the list, and move on. But what if the answer requires multiple selections from the list. Can that be done? Of course!

   When you click inside of a drop down list containing multiple choices, a MultiSelect button will appear inside the row at the right. (NOTE: The first time you try this, you may have to tell Pathagoras to display the MultiSelect button. Look for the check-box that appears just beneath the last 'replacement entry' location titled "MultiSelect Button Visible". (It will appear only when you are within a multiple choice dropdown.) Click it.

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If you desire to choose more than one item from a list,  
enter the text box containing the list and, if it is not already checked,
check the 'MultiSelect button Visible' box.

  A new button will appear within the boundary of the current list (and any other list you may enter) called MultiSelect. Click it.

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When MultiSelect box is checked, a MultiSelect button appears.

   A new section of the screen opens up containing a listing of all of the choices. Make appropriate choices from the list. (Regular Windows list-choosing techniques -- shift-click and ctrl-click -- work here.) Next, if desired, choose a method by which the terms will be 'separated' and 'connected' (by commas, followed by 'and' or 'or', etc. or 'No connectors.') Press the Transfer button and the properly formatted text will be transferred into the Replacement text area.

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Select choices (Ctrl- or Shift- click techniques work).
Click a separator, and then click Transfer. That's it!  
In the example above, when <Transfer> is clicked, the replacement text will become
"aspirin, ibuprophen and naproxin".

   You can change the 'default' separator via the 'All Settings' | 'Miscellaneous Settings' screen. See Separators and Connectors for more information.