If you wish your replacement text to be, or include, a link to call up your (or your recipient's) mail handler, pre addressed to a recipient, use the <MailTo:. . .> function. The setup is simply the open angle bracket followed by the command MailTo: (colon is mandatory), the email address (in standard a@b.com style), followed by a closing angle bracket.


   In body of source document:


In a 'normal' document: Type as shown above. (The blue coloring is not required. It is for emphasis only.) The conversion will take place after the Instant Database is run (just like, and along with, the 'spell-out' and other functions). It is unlikely that you will use this function in a 'normal' document because the email address can be embedded in the document from the outset. The more likely application is, as shown below, within an *Alias*.

  Within an *Alias*:

   Let's say the alias is "*Attorney Name*" and you want each choice to include the attorney's name, address and email address, all 'stacked'.

   You might have the following entries:

Adam A. Able, Esq.<p>123 Main Street<p>Hampton, VA 23669<p><mailto:aaattorney@ablebaker.com>/Betty B. Baker, Esq.<p>123 Main Street<p>Hampton, VA 23669<p><mailto:bbbaker@ablebaker.com>/Carl C. Charles, Esq.<p>123 Main Street<p>Hampton, VA 23669<p><mailto:cccharles@ablebaker.com>


   Reminders:        <p> is plain text for 'insert paragraph'.

         The blue coloring in the example is for emphasis. No coloring is required.


   If the first choice of the *Alias* is selected, the result will be:

Adam A. Able

123 Main Street

Hampton, VA 23669