Instant Database Records

   After you have completed the Instant Database form, you are presented the question "Do you want to save the contents of this Instant Database screen as a new Data record?"

   If you answer this question "Yes", you will be asked to provide a name for the new record. Once you provide the name ad click 'OK', the data on the screen is saved into a file bearing the name you just provided. Once saved, the data can be recalled and reused any number of times. This is the 'database' aspect of the Instant Database module.

   A couple of pointers:

The name you provide can be anything. Your client's or customer's name; a file number; a combination of the two. (A 'classic' naming style is 'Doe, John' --last name, comma, first name).

The entries in the Existing Data dropdown list are presented in alphabetical order. Therefore, if you use a client or customer's name as the record identifier, we recommend the "LastName, FirstName" style.

Many law firms represent major clients with many files associated with a specific client. Those customers may wish to store individual records in sub-folders beneath a parent folder named for the client name. Pathagoras allows this in its 'tree service.' You can create a 'tree' in the same folder in which data records are originally stored.

To activate 'tree service' for your records, click Utilities/Settings from the Pathagoras drop down features list. Click All Settings and then select the Instant Database tab. Click the box labeled "Enable Tree Service for Data Records."

Once tree service has been enabled, the next time you save a Data Record, you can select (or create) the sub-folder into which you wish to save the record.

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