Global Search and Replace

   The Instant Database routine is 'simply' a very elaborate search and replace tool. So with that in mind, you can use Pathagoras IDB to accomplish any type of search and replace function you can imagine.

Of course, you can replace a variable with a value. That is what all of the above tools

You replace one variable with another. So if you have misspelled a variable, it is easy to correct it.

You can replace a misspelled value. So if you misspelled a replacement value, and you'd rather not recreate the document from scratch, this is a good tool.

You can replace any misspelled* word(s) across all open documents. Check out this page.

You can replace any misspelled* word(s) across all documents in a folder. Check out this page.

*By 'misspelled', we mean any word or phrase that does not currently reflect what you want. It includes simple 'missspeellings,' but also includes multiple name changes in the body of a document, or a complete new address that you want replaced in your letterhead. Regardless of the 'misspelling,' or the number of misspellings, you can use the Instant Database to take care of business quickly and elegantly.