'Fancy' Word Intake Forms

   The previous pages discussed intake forms using Pathagoras "Instant Database Masks" and a 'simple, two column table.' Both are easy to create and quite elegant in operation if they serve your purpose. However, if you wish a more attractive form that you can send to the client or customer for completion, this is where you should be.

   We call the forms discussed on this page 'Fancy' because they are visually more appealing than those earlier discuss, and you can make them as fancy as you desire. The more professional you make the form, the more impressed the client/customer may be with your organization.


   An intake form is any document that can be presented to a client or customer for completion. Typically, an Intake Form requests person and case related data. (Name and address of client and of individuals related to the client, dates and places related to the file, etc .) But as a practical matter any information can be requested.

   When complete, the Intake Form is 'scraped' for the data it contains and a compact electronic record of the data is created.