Pathagoras shuns fields. At least is shuns the requirement that you create fields. Pathagoras prefers to offer you a plain text approach to creating variables and optional text blocks.

   However, being totally Word based, Pathagoras works exceptionally well with whatever you throw at it, including fields. So if you've got 'em, use 'em.

   A small (exceptionally and unnoticeably small in most cases) drawback to plain text variables is speed. Pathagoras processes the variables in your documents one at a time, top to bottom, so it can capture the style and case of the specific variable. When the document is being processed, you can actually see Pathagoras scanning the document as it determines where and how to replace variables with the values you have provided.

   It is important to have this flexibility when you build a wide range of documents using the clause assembly model that Pathagoras offers.

   But when you have large documents that are repeated built using the same template, it may be appropriate to allow Pathagoras to veer from its plain text druthers into the world of Word fields. You will find the process of replacing variables faster than Pathagoras 'traditional' method.

   The first think you may want to do is to scan the document to identify the existing variables. Instead of providing replacement values at this time, type the word 'embed' in the first 'values' line. Everything else in the right side of the IDB screen will be blank.

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