Augmenting an Existing Record

   Let's say that you have an existing Instant Database record which has [Client Name] and [Client Address] saved and paired with "John Doe" and "123 Main Street".

   You call up another document and that document contains variables called [Spouse Name] and [Spouse Address]. How do you add those variables (and the values you want to assign) to John Doe's record?

   In many other programs, to add a variable that is not present in the 'base' variable list, you must first modify that base list to include the new variable. Not so with Pathagoras. (Now, to be fair, [Spouse Name] and [Spouse Address] are the kinds of variables that are part of the 'base' variable list. Editing the list to include these variables will not be likely. But what about [3rd Alternate Personal Representative]?)

   Pathagoras' Instant Database system is unique in its ability to add variables to the database without requiring any modification of the underlying database structure. Whatever Pathagoras finds, it adds.

   So, if you have variables from a mask or existing data record and want to combine them with additional variables from the on-screen document, it is a simple operation.

1.Just call up the Instant Database.

2.Display the client or customer's record.
Pathagoras will display the currently saved values and then will automatically scan the underlying document for the new variables.

3.The new variables are added to the 'bottom' of the list.

  informationThe order of events is critically important. It's 'recall record' first. If you scan first and then recall the record, you will simply overwrite the data from the initial scan. Further, if you completed the right column with values for the scanned variables, you will lose that work when you recall an existing record.

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First select the record you want to use.
Pathagoras will then automatically locate and display
the 'new variables' at the end of the list.