Assigning a Mask to a Book

   You can create a permanent link between a selected Book and a selected Mask. This link means that you will not have to select the Mask at the end of the document assembly session. Pathagoras does it automatically.

   Creating this link also allows data entry to readily be done independently of a document assembly session. See the 'light-bulb' message below.

   Assign a Mask to a Book:

1.Display the Libraries & Books screen.

2.Click the <Settings> button.

3.Click the AutoIDB tab on the right side of the Settings screen. On the row parallel to the Book to which you wish to assign the Mask, drop down the list of available Masks and select the appropriate one. (See figure below.)



Link an Instant Database Mask with a Book.
When IDB is run following a document assembly session, the Mask will automatically appear.

4.Save the <Settings> screen to lock in the association. The next time you assemble a document from that book and press <Alt-D> to personalize the document, Pathagoras will automatically display the pre-assigned mask.

lightbulbsmallThere is no rule that says that personal data has to be input at a particular time. Some users wish to complete the personal data before building the document, not after. Perhaps a staff member has been assigned as the 'data-enterer' and has nothing to do with document production. Pre-assigning a Mask to a Book lends itself well to any scenario.

If a Mask has been linked to a Book as shown above, an 'Intake Form' button will appear on the initial Libraries & Books screen. If clicked, the IDB screen appears with the proper mask displayed. Complete it, save it, and move on to something else.


The 'Intake Form' button exposed.