Immediately above the Next button are 7 squares that (intentionally) appear to be ornamental. However, each of these square serves a purpose. We call this section of the screen the 'Advanced Array' because the boxes of the array are likely to be used only by advanced users -- those who are already familiar with basic program operations.


Advanced Array

Advanced Array

   From left to right, here is what each box does when checked:

Apply the Instant Database against all open documents. This is a wonderful tool if you typically compose several documents simultaneously want to complete them all at the same time.

tipThis feature can also be used to Scan all open documents for variables. Just check it before you click the Scan button.

tipThis feature can also be used as multi-document 'Bulk Edit' tool. By 'Bulk Edit' we mean searching and replacing multiple terms in multiple documents.
   Keep in mind that IDB is essentially little more than a fancy "search and replace" utility. It can be used to modify any of document. So, from a blank IDB screen, type the 'old text' in the left column and type the new (replacement) text in the right column. Click the box and then press Next.  

lightbulbsmallThe resulting action is a standard 'search & replace', but it will be against all open documents.

information If your goal is to replace in all documents in a folder (as opposed to all open documents), click here for those steps.

Do not process <<*Options/Optional*>> text blocks after clicking Next. (By default, after replacing variables, Pathagoras will process newly added terms within double angle brackets.

Do not attempt to preserve emphasis (bold, underlines, CAPS, the document) when processing replacements. By default, the styles in the document control how the replacement are made. When you want Pathagoras to NOT change the text to reflect the style presented in the document.

tipIf you don't use the 'styles in document control' feature, and know that the replacement text will satisfy, you using this checkbox will speed up replacements.

Pure Search and Replace: The value in the right column will precisely overwrite the document text shown in the left column. Can be use when the variable or replacement has Pathagoras coding that might otherwise be converted to an unwanted or restricted value.

Suppress "Do you want to save/update the matter record?" pop-up. The question will not be asked, and changes to existing Matter record will not be preserved. (You can permanently suppress the pop-up via the Instant Database setting screen. The switch is under the 'Miscellaneous Settings' tab.)

Turn off screen display. (Speeds up processing of very large documents.)

Save record in Unicode For use by certain users in non-English language locations that require extended character sets.

informationDon't worry if you cannot remember the Advanced Array functions. Simply hover the mouse over any box in the advanced array. A prompt will appear describing the function of the box.