How Do I (Document) Manange Thee

PathSmart and SaveSmart are Pathagoras Document Management tools. These features make it easy to get to your documents for editing and printing, and to save your documents to appropriate folders (so they can be easily and logically retrieved).

The PathSmart and SaveSmart modules are fully discussed and illustrated at the links provided.

If you already have a document manager, Pathagoras is likely not fully replace it. For example, Pathagoras does not index all the text in your documents, allowing you an indexed search for words. (But Windows does.) If you don't already have a document management tool, then exploring what Pathagoras has to offer will be worth your while. It is easy and we believe quite intuitive. It follows the same model as the Document Assembly system, but, of course, is intended to help you keep track of completed client documents and other documents and files that fall outside of your document assembly need. For most offices, this is still quite a lot of 'stuff' to manage.