How Do I Excel with Thee?

Word and Excel are very closely related. Practically siblings. And Pathagoras takes advantage of that as much as possible. Pathagoras can

Excel is integral to the use of *Aliases*. The lists of items comprising your variaous *Alias* lists are stored in a simple Excel spreadsheet. In classic Excel style, the content of Row 1 are the 'titles' (i.e., the *Alias* name, and all beneath it are the potential values.


You can store other information in

 simple Excel files

 fancy Excel files


The possibilities are endless. One more: If you use Excel to bring in values to variables, a value that you can insert in your Excel spreadsheet might be a <<document name>>. Keep in mind that Pathagoras doesn't care how the value gets inserted into the document. If it's there between double angle brackets, Pathagoras will process it.


A whole section of this Manual is dedicated to the strong Excel interface.