lightbulbsmallHover-Over text: Sometimes even the prompt you pose doesn't perfectly communicate what you intent to the end user. You can provide up to 256 more characters of 'hover-over' text for each prompt. This hover-over text will appear when the user moves the cursor over each of cprompt. It will display only during the time the cursor is 'hovering over' the selection.

       To add hover-over text, simple type '++' and then the the hover-over text at the end of each option. Make sure the hover-over text is within the administrative section of Options block (i.e., before the third asterisk).

Effective Date: <<*Options*!TypePOA!Springing++Use springing when power effective only upon disability of grantor/Immediate++Effective when signed and delivered*This Power of Attorney shall become effective only upon my disability as certified by any of my attending physicians./This Power of Attorney shall be effective immediately upon its delivery to my Attorney in Fact.>>


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