Pathagoras creates 4 'hot-key' assignments to your system upon installation:

<Alt-G>: the most used hot-key. Stands for 'G'et, as in get a file, or get a folder.

<Alt-D>: for Instant 'D'atabase.

<Alt-Q>: to display QuickPicks screen.

<Alt-V>: for Create Variables Assistant.

<Alt-S>: for Create Variables Assistant.

  Click the button_next_h button in the menu bar for information on how to set hot-keys.

   In addition to hot-keys, Pathagoras provides a series of HotWords which, when typed to the editing screen and followed immediately by the keypress of <Alt-G> will cause certain specific actions to occur:

meeting<Alt-G> Initiate a GoToMeeting session.

last<Alt-G>: Display last document called or edited via Pathagoras.

lastfolder<Alt-G>: Display folder of last document called or edited via Pathagoras.

sf<Alt-G>: Display your SuperFolder

prefixtable<Alt-G>: Display your collection of prefixes and their assigned folders.

repeat<Alt-G>: Recall one more clause of paragraph called via the <<*Repeat*. . .>> function.

The full list of Hotwords can be seen by typing 'altg' and following the text with the <Alt-G> keypress.

Note: <Alt-S> against highlighted text that pairs-up with a QuickLink name will call the SaveAs screen opened to the QuickLink target.

   Learn more about Pathagoras' links to external data sources by clicking here.

CheatSheet: You can print out a 'cheat sheet' of hot-keys and other commands and 'Pathagorizing' markups. To do so, display the Main Menu (from the Pathagoras Features drop down list) and click the "CheatSheet" tab.

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