Pathagoras creates 8 'hot-key' assignments to your system upon installation, all triggers by the Alt-key:

<Alt-G>: the most prolific hot-key. Stands for 'G'et, as in 'g'et a file, or 'g'et a folder.

<Alt-D>: to display the Instant 'D'atabase screen

<Alt-P>: to 'P'rocess the conditional text and repeat blocks present in your document.

<Alt-Q>: to display 'Q'uickPicks screen.

<Alt-V>: for the Create 'V'ariables wizard.

<Alt-O>: to display the Create 'O'ptions wizard.

<Alt-S>: for 'S'canning, a variation of the Instant Database, replacing one variable at a time.

  Click the button_next_h button in the menu bar for information on how to set hot-keys.

   In addition to hot-keys, Pathagoras provides a series of HotWords which, when typed to the editing screen and followed immediately by the keypress of <Alt-G> will cause certain specific actions to occur:

For example:

meeting<Alt-G>: Initiates a GoToMeeting session.

last<Alt-G>: Display last document called or edited via Pathagoras.

lastfolder<Alt-G>: Display folder of last document called or edited via Pathagoras.

sf<Alt-G>: Display your SuperFolder

At this writing, there are over 20 'permanent' HotWords, with more being added on a regular basis. Plus, you can add your own. If you have a particular word or short phrase that you wish to trigger a response (a document call, a folder display or a Pathagoras action) feel free. See 'The Power of a Word'

For a complete list of Hotwords, type 'altg' to your editing screen and press <Alt-G>.

Note: <Alt-S> against highlighted text that pairs-up with a QuickLink name will call the SaveAs screen opened to the QuickLink target.

If you don't remember the various HotWords, the ones that ship with the program (but not ones you may have added) are visible in the Pathagoras tab. Just click the HotKeys button at the far right of the Pathagoras toolbar. (You can then use the hotkey combination shown or just click with your mouse the desired selection.)

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