Pathagoras cannot work directly on HotDocs® documents. They are quite incompatible programs. HotDocs requires hidden fields, ancillary documents and complex code sets. Pathagoras requires nothing of the kind.

   But what if you have a large library of HotDocs documents. Are they useable at all? We are pleased to say 'yes.'   Pathagoras can convert many of the variables that reside in a HotDoc-ed document into plain text bracketed variables. Such ability will allow you to either partially or totally convert your HotDocs library into a Pathagorized documents.

   The conversion process is remarkably simple and starts with Pathagoras' standard 'Create Variables' Assistant. Here are the steps:

1.Call up a HotDocs document (Word or rtf).

2.Highlight one of the variables. Be sure to include both the opening and closing chevrons (the double angle brackets that surround the variable.

3.Click Alt-V to bring up Pathagoras 'Create Variables Assistant'.


4.Click the button that reads Convert to Variable. Pathagoras will recognize the highlighted term as a possible HotDocs variable (and therefore the document as a former HotDocs document) and ask for your confirmation.


5.If you click 'Yes', Pathagoras will convert all instances of that specific variable to a plain text bracketed variable, and remove all invisible field and links. Pathagoras will then ask . . .


6.. . . to which you should answer 'Yes' if that is the result you desire. Pathagoras will then convert the remaining HotDocs variables in the open document.

7.Once the HotDocs variables in the current document have been converted to plain text variables, Pathagoras will next ask . . .


8.. . .to which you might answer 'Yes' if that is the action you desire. Pathagoras will then convert the HotDocs variables in all other documents in the current folder. When all documents have been processed, a confirmation screen like the following will appear:



lightbulbsmallBecause Pathagoras can convert all files in a folder, it would be a good idea to pour all related HotDocs documents into a (new) folder before beginning the conversion process. That should save you a lot of time.

   Limitations: While we are hoping to develop (and are currently working on) routines that will convert even the most complex behind-the-scenes formulae that can reside in HotDocs variables, Pathagoras currently can convert only simple HotDocs variables (which probably constitute 99% of what we have seen thus far). If you have fields that did not convert as you wished them to be, forward them on to us so we can add them to our 'conversion wish list'. We'll let you know if and when we have succeeded.

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