Other Built-in or On-line Help Systems

redarrowCheck out our FAQs found on our site. Read what others are asking; pick up some good hints and tips; read what others have posted as 'challenges' and our (or others') solutions to those challenges. We think that the FAQs are as important a resource for the efficient use of Pathagoras as is this Manual.

redarrow Every overlay screen shown by Pathagoras contains at least one box containing a question mark ("?") or globe. These symbols are fully integrated with the Pathagoras Help System. Whenever you click one of the '?'s or globes on a screen, you will be taken to the appropriate topic in this system.

redarrow A downloadable, printable PDF version of this Help System is available. Click here for the details.

redarrowTwo shorter guides designed to help the newcomer become familiar with the scope and features of the program are available. Check out:

'Beginner's Guide to Pathagoras'  This Guide contains illustrated, step-by-step instructions for the program's basic features.

The 7-day Plan: Spend 15 to 20 minutes each day leaning the program basics. Specifically written for those who "don't have enough time to learn another program." This is by far the most popular of our beginner's guides.

redarrowAn 'in-line' help system can be activated by clicking the "How Do I . . .?" element found either in the Main Menu or at the bottom of the Pathagoras dropdown features list. This context sensitive help tool provides short tips and 'how to' steps to accomplish a given function.

redarrowThe Pathagoras menu at the top of the Word screen makes Guides (labelled, 'Beginner', 'Intermediate' and 'Advanced'. Refer to these often to learn new things or brush up on old one.