Completing variables with GotForms?

(The following exercise presumes that you are displaying a new or existing document on the editing screen in which either bracketed variables or underline-variables exist.)

1.Press <Alt-S> (for ‘scan') from your keyboard. This screen will appear:


GotForms? (initial display after <Alt-S> is pressed

Note: You are not limited to searching only for square brackets. You can choose any ‘bracket’ set you want. Type any begin and end markers you wish to use into the boxes at the lower left side of the screen.

lightbulbsmallYou might consider marking some of your source documents so that a GotForms? scan will pick up one set of variables and Instant Database scan another set. The more you become familiar with the strengths of the two systems, the more power you will see they bring to your word processing environment.

2.Press the <Start Scan> button near the center of the screen. GotForms? will scan the document for brackets variables or underlines and stop at each to give you the opportunity to substitute personal values in place of the variable. In the below example, GotForms? 'found' the variable [Customer Name]. All you need to do is type the appropriate replacement value in the text box in the middle of the screen. Then, click <Replace> to replace just the current variable or <Replace All> to replace each occurrence of the variable in the document. GotForms? will automatically move on to the next variable.


    GotForms? showing a simple variable


3.If a multiple choice variable is encountered, the various choices (sometimes truncated) are presented as selectable buttons on the GotForms? screen:


    GotForms? has encountered a multiple choice variable in the text. Note selection buttons.