If you would prefer a smaller screen from which to work, click the “<<Less” button on the GotForms? screen. (It sits to the left of the <Close> button.) Here is what you will see:



   Here are the differences:.

The main GotForms? screen disappears and the smaller screen (above) replaces it.

Your keyboard's Tab key turns into a variable-to-variable navigator:

Press tab (or the Next button in the screen) and GotForms? proceeds to the next variable.

Type the replacement text.

Press tab, replace the next field, etc.

This is similar to Word’s built-in text navigator, but the differences are marked. First of all, Word requires you to protect the document to take advantage of field-to-field navigation. Pathagoras does not. Secondly, if the variable you encounter is a multiple choice variable, the multiple choices will appear as buttons on your screen. Try that with plain Word!

If a multiple choice variable is encountered while minimized, the variables are presented as numbers just to the right of the “Close” button. You can determine the content of each choice by hovering the cursor over the number: