GotForms? (<Alt-S>”)

   Have you GotForms? You probably do. GotForms? is so titled because the answer is typically ‘Yes’ even before you began using Pathagoras. If you have any forms on your computer where the variables are denoted by [words between brackets], or by underscore characters, then you have GotForms! And even if you don’t have such forms, they are (obviously) very easy to create.

  GotForms? and Instant Database work in very similar ways. GotForms? is a "one-term-at-a-time" replacement tool. Instant Database is an "all-at-one-time replacement" device. IDB uses the same scan engine used by GotForms?, but places what it finds onto the left hand column of the Instant Database screen. Instant Database can identify, present, search for and replace up to 900 separate variables in a single sweep.


NOTE: Instant Database is generally the preferred variable replacement tool. Not only does it replace all variables in one sweep, but it saves the variables and their corresponding values into a database so that you can reuse those pairings for new documents for the same client or customer.
As wonderful as GotForms? is, Instant Database is even more wonderfuller!

Exception: Because you need 'context' to determine what is needed to complete a variable denoted by underscores (“________”) you must use GotForms? to fill in blank lines.


GotForms? can be activated from the keyboard by pressing <Alt-S>. (No text need be highlighted. If Alt-S is pressed against highlighted text, you be presented an selection screen. GotForms? will be presented as one of the options. See Alt-S for more information.


See Instant Database

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