Pathagoras requires practically no preparation for you to use its basic features.

   First, download and install the program from the Internet. If you are using the 90-day free trial version, click that button on the website. If you are purchasing the program, you will need a different download and a personal Serial Number.

   Once installed, you can immediately begin using the program.

   If your forms are fairly well organized (for example, you have at least one folder of forms from which you typically draw basic documents), you can take advantage of two of Pathagoras' major functions immediately upon installing the program. With no further preparation, you can:

assign that folder to a DropDown List. With such a list, you can point and click any item in the folder into a current or a new document with no navigation.

place that folder onto a bookshelf in the Document Assembly Library. Use this tool when performing 'true' document/paragraph assembly.

If you do not have any forms segregated into forms folders, you should work on doing that early in the process. It will make your document assembly life much easier.

   This section is a slightly shorter version of the separate "Beginner's Guide" written especially for those just getting started with Pathagoras. If you need a bit more detail in setting-up the foundation for a document assembly system, we invite you to print and peruse that Guide.