Pathagoras prides itself on providing prompt, useful and personal customer service. While we hope that this Manual and the other instructional materials are helpful, you can still count on the 'personal touch' of Pathagoras' customer service as a 'first line' of help as well.

   We truly enjoy hearing from our customers and potential customers. While we cannot promise that you will never receive a voice-messaging service if you call us, more likely you will receive a live person at the other end.

   But if you do get our voice mail, just leave a message. We will call you back promptly.

   Contact information is spread across as many places as we could find so that you do not have to hunt for an email address or telephone number, and we repeat it here. Let us know if we can ever be of service.


Innovative Software Products of VA, LLC
Roy Lasris, President

E-Mail: (I personally read all e-mails sent to this address!)

telephone #s: +1 866-PATHAGOras (1-866-728-4246) (tollfree)
           +1 (757) 877-2244 (USA) (direct line, not tollfree)
           +1 (757) 898-7374 (evenings, weekends)

117 Chisman Landing
Seaford, VA  23696  USA  (I read all mail)


Reporting a 'bug':

   We ask you to report any and all program 'bugs' you encounter. This includes 'suspected bugs.' If you have had a problem, do not hesitate to tell us about it.

Most error messages that Pathagoras and Word generate are rather generic in nature, and most of the time not helpful in pinpointing the precise source of the problem. If you receive an error message while Pathagoras is in operation, and can duplicate it at will, please send us a list of the steps that will generate the error. If we can duplicate it on our end, we can come up with a much quicker fix.

We would also greatly appreciate your sending any screen shots that may help us to better identify the problem.

Sending us actual text of documents that didn't quite work would be good too. (We will not share your documents with anyone. We understand the proprietary nature of your personal or business work.)

Remote Assistance:

    If you call us for guidance, or to report a bug that can be best explained visually, we likely can most effectively address the situation via 'virtual presence.' In other words, we can (and would like to) virtually sit at your machine. That way we can see the same thing that you are seeing at the same time that you are seeing it.

This can be readily accomplished via a wide variety of remote assistance tools.

Our preferred meeting tool is GoToMeeting®, a product of the Citrix Corporation. It is easy to use, offers quick response time and allows us to sit 'together' while we share information on your computer.

If you feel a virtual meeting would be helpful, don't hesitate to say "Can we do a GoToMeeting?" (If you are otherwise covered under the Annual Support Agreement, there is no charge for the meeting. And don't worry about costs on our end. We have none beyond the annual subscription that we pay for GoToMeeting.)

To activate remote assistance after we have agreed to a session, display the Utilities/Settings screen and click the Miscellaneous tab. Click the red "Remote Assistance" button. Enter the Meeting ID number that we will provide in the text box and click the Remote Assistance button again to make the connection.

If you have a Remote Assistance program that you would prefer that we use, just let us know.


GoToMeeting® is a registered trademark of the Citrix Corporation