You can get the value of a particular named cell in an Excel spreadsheet and assign it to a !groupname! using the following command:


   Groupname represents the groupname to which you wish to assign a numeric value. It also represents the name assigned to a cell in an Excel spreadsheet which contains that numeric value.

   The value will cascade other events using the 'Analyze' function currently existing in Pathagoras.

    Spreadsheet.xlsx, of course is the target from which the value will be drawn. If not fully qualified (i.e., no drive and path preceding the name), Pathagoras will look (first) in the folder from which the base document is called and if not found there, in the folder that has been set as your 'default' Excel data files folder (typically, C:\program files (x86)\Pathagoras\IDBS, but you can set/reset it to any location).

  Once the groupname has been set (not unlike the way it is set in other situtation, its 'hardvalue' (as opposed to positional value) can be used in any <<*If*. . .>> command to further process the document.

(NOTE: Still being perfected. Your thoughts and suggestions are welcom.)

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