From Document Assembly

To create a DropDown List from an existing book (assuming you have previously set up a book in a library),

1.Display the Libraries & Books screen (click the Document Assembly button on the main screen).

2.Select the book from which you wish to create a DropDown List.

3.When the action box opens, click the “Create DropDown List” option.

4.The 'filter' set just above the Next button on the expanded screen will control the content of the DropDown List. Be sure to clear the filter if you don't want it for this purpose.

5.Click Next>>.

Click to enlarge.

Create DropDown List from a book in a library.

lightbulbsmallIf you want the DropDown List to comprise some, but not all, items in a book, create the List from the Clause Selection  Screen. That is discussed in the section that immediately follows.

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