From the Clause Selection Screen

   You can create a DropDown List from the Clause Selection screen. A radio button for just that purpose is at the far-right side of the screen.

1.Display the Libraries & Books screen.

2.Select the book from which you wish to create a DropDown List.

3.Click Next>>.

4.Select the items you want to appear in the DropDown List from the left panel, and move them to the right.

5.When your selection is complete, click the radio button at the far right side of the screen labeled 'To DropDown List.'

6.Click Next>>


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Create a DropDown List from a tailored selection of elements.

lightbulbsmallCreating a DropDown List from the Document Assembly screen (previous section) places all items in the book into a drop down list. This method allows you to select specific items to be inserted into the list.

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