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   You are done! You have neutered a document and saved it in a forms folder. You shelved that folder as a book in your current library. You have assembled a document and provided personal information in place of the variables in the source document. You have taken a 'complete document' and disassembled it into its component parts so that you can pick and choose among an assortment of building blocks.

  You are a document assembly wizard!

   Keep on neutering documents. Create more books. It probably makes better organizational sense to store your ‘contract’ forms in a different folder from your ‘proposal’ forms. Keep them in separate folders and assign them to different books. With Pathagoras, you will always have instant access to them all.

   As you become comfortable with the above steps and features, you will want to do more. And Pathagoras will be right with you. Whenever you ask “I wonder if Pathagoras will let me do this?” the answer will almost always be “Yes.” If you cannot find how to do it in a few minutes of looking, call or write to us and we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. And if the feature you desire doesn't exist, maybe we can change that. Many features that you now see are from suggestions made by users such as yourself.

    Pathagoras is laden with very useful features that go far beyond what you have seen here. When you are ready, explore the options available on the various overlay screens that you will see. Explore the choices in the Pathagoras features menu. Visit the Pathagoras website ( and read more about the breadth and depth of what we think is a truly remarkable program. And peruse the main Pathagoras Manual. Just skim the body of the rather sizeable manual, but perhaps spend a few minutes reading the index for document assembly and management ideas that you haven't even thought possible.

  If you have a question for which you cannot quickly find an answer, call or write to us at the contact points listed here. We truly enjoy hearing from our customers.