After the <Alt-G> key press, the Term Works! screen appears. Note the following about the screen. The top portion is the highlight portion. You can adjust the scope of the highlight without leaving the screen. (This feature is more helpful for second, third, fourth, etc., clauses rather than the first, which you have presumably accurately highlighted).

   Note the 'Break Point' box at  the right. This directs Pathagoras as to how to determine automatically the scope of the next clause once you have saved the currently highlighted one. The default is "2" and that stands for 'double space. After you save the currently highlighted text, Pathagoras will look for, and highlight, all text from the end of the current section until the next double space (i.e., 2 'enter' characters. You can change the default to any number or any character or set of characters. If a number, Pathagoras looks for that number of lines between paragraph. If a character or character set (we recommend '(*)"), it looks for the next appearance of that character (set). (Pathagoras also knows when it has hit the end of the document, and will stop marking the final term when it reaches that point.)

   For each term, name, select the book into which you want the term added and you are done! If you are saving to the Position #1 book (the book that occupies the topmost position in your current library, click the green button at the left beneath the 'Name of Term' block. If you want to save to another book, click the Other Book button in the center of the screen. Select the book from the next screen. (Note: The book you select from this page will automatically become the "green button" book once the save of the initial term is completed.  Note also: if the term uses the 'prefix/suffix naming style, when you type a sufficient number of letters and character to meet the 2-4 character/ 3-4 number 'rule.' Pathagoras will identify the proper book and the green button is changed to reflect the name of the book.

   Other 'auto' features: The 10 most recently saved terms are shown in a list toward the bottom of the Term Works! screen.