Pathagoras lets you export data you have gathered within your Instant Database to Excel. You can export all data or selected fields and/or selected records (including a single record). The resulting spreadsheet can be use for any Excel purpose, including the source data for mailing lists, mail merges, analysis and the like.just

   The Export to Excel function can be found under Pathagoras Features | Instant Database | Excel. Click the Export button and follow the prompts.

   Designating the variables you want to export:

 Several approached.

 You can ,just type the variables you want exported to your editing screen. For example, if you type [Client Name], Client Address], [Client City ST  ZIP] to your editing screen, those variables will be the ones that Pathagoras will use to create the column heads in the target spreadsheed.

 You can choose to use the variables listed in the first record you select when those records are presented. (Keep in mind the records are presented in alpha-numeric order. If your records always use the same variables, not a problem, but if you have a variety of variables in your records, but a consistent sub-set of variables in each record that you want to serve as the fields list, consider creating a 'dummy' record with just the fields you want. Name the dummy record something that will always apprear as the first record (e.g., 'AAAA')

 If you trigger the export via Instant Database (Alt-D) | Power Tools | Transfer | Excel Export, you can use a mask or any record. So long as variables of any source are displayed in the left column, Pathagoras will 'default' those as the desired column heads for the Excel spreadsheet.


   Uses for the spreadsheet:

 If you have exported

  NOTE: Many (actually most) programs that process data can use data stored in Excel spreadsheets. So don't think that your Pathagoras data is limited to word processing.

You can export Instant Database data as often as you wish, in as many configurations as you wish. One export might be for just names and address for labels or holiday letters. Other exports might be for statistical analysis (E.g., if you keep the data, how many clients have children, or how many earn over a certain income level.) Pathagoras makes it easy to collect the data. Now it makes it easy to analyze it.




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