Pathagoras has been adapted for some Excel operations. It is available as a stand-alone program for separate purchase. A separate manual describing, illustrating and providing instruction for this module can be viewed a this link: The below summarizes these Excel features:

    There are 4 distinct aspects to Pathagoras for Excel:

1. "Spreadsheet Management:" This parallels the 'PathSmart' (document management) features in Word. This  allows you to manage, recall, edit,and save spreadsheets. It allows you to assign folders containing spreadsheets in 'profiles,'  and minimizing the amount of time you need to spend navigating to your various spreadsheets.

2. Instant Database. This feature is identical in form and purpose to IDB in Pathagoras/Word. You can scan a spreadsheet for two 'kinds' of variables:

 a. Pathagoras can scan for and replace bracketed variables with replacement text, just like in Word.

 b. Pathagoras can scan for named cells and replace their content with replacement text, just like in Word. (Pathagoras treats named cells as if they were bracketed variables. Technically, a cell name  cannot contain brackets -- they are considered an 'illegal' character. So, Pathagoras deems any named cell as 'a potential variable'. If the name of the cell matches the name of a variable, it is handled as if it were a variable.) You can restrict which named cells that Pathagoras will process by adding designated 'prefixes' or 'suffixes' to the name of the cell. Pathagoras will read only those cells which contain the prefix or suffix.

3. 'Data Collection' and 'Data Generation' Forms. If you need a more extensive, complex, powerful or attractive intake form than what you can typically generate in Word, Excel is the place for you to design it. Excel allows you to easily create elaborate intake/data entry forms.  This form can be completed 'in house' or can be emailed to a client or customer for completion and emailed back. Then, as indicated in 2. above, with the press of a single button, Pathagoras can read the named fields in the form and generate an Instant Database record. This record can immediately be used in any other Pathagoras endeavor (whether Word or Excel).

   Plus, since the data is stored as a ".csv" (comma separated value) file, it is usable universally by any other spreadsheet or database program.

4. Control Word from Excel.

 a. You can select a book from any Pathagoras/Word library, display and select the forms and documents in the selected book.

 b. You can even select the IDB record that you want to apply to the form or document selected in 'a.'

 c. You can press a single button in Excel which commands Word to open, locate the document selected in a. and merge it with the data record selected in b.