Import Excel (static name)

Every database program allows you to export data for a particular client/customer/contact. Some will create a new file for each new record. but some may wish to export that data to a single 'universal' file (overwriting it each time a client's data is exported for a project).


You in turn can point Pathagoras to read the latest iteration of that 'static-named' file into the Instant Database. (So, the filename remains static, but the data changes at your command.) Just record that static filename for Pathagoras's use and import the data more or less automatcally (or at least with far fewer steps) from the revised file. It takes just a single click. This is a 'best of both worlds' situation. Pathagoras plain text variables are preserved (no document fields are needed to clutter your documents) but you have practically instant access to the desired data.)


To set the 'static file' navigate to  'Pathagoras Settings (top half) | All Settings | Excel'. Click the Static Record box and navigate to that file (or manually type in in the appropriate text box.


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