The third toggle: «DocName»

   There is a 'secret' third toggle that is available*. It is the «DocName» toggle. When activated, when you click on an element of the DropDown List, the name of the document is inserted.When you want to add a document ca


   This tool is great for when you are creating a document set, or simply want to add the name of a desired document for reference and latters recall via <Alt-G>. It is an especially welcome tool when the document name is long or complex.


    To turn on the «DocName» (3rd) toggle, click the arrow in the lower right corner of the Dropdown List section of the Pathagoras toolbar and select 'Add third togg.le'. As you are using DropDown Lists, be aware of the third toggle. If you see the document name being inserted between double angle brackets, just be aware which toggle is active. And if it is confusing you or others to see a document name instead of document text (especially newcomers to Pathagoras), just turn it off.


*During testing, this third toggle created confusion among those who didn't know of its existence. Most understood 'NewDoc" and "Insert" but most did not understand the need for the toggle "DocName".  Plus, 'toggle' suggests 2 choices -- On and Off. This led us to suppressing the NewDoc toggle, and making it optional after an affirmative selection.