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DropDown Lists

DropDown Lists

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DropDown Lists

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   One of the most powerful document assembly tools within Pathagoras is also one of its simplest, both in setup and in use. It is the DropDown List.

   A "drop down list" in general is any of those lists that currently sit at the top of your Word editing screen that give you quick access to Word settings. For example, Word presents the various ‘styles’ and ‘fonts’ that are available to provide texture to your documents in drop down lists. Simply point and click to an item and Word does the rest.

   Pathagoras’ "DropDown Lists" function in an identical fashion. Here is a short summary of what these Lists are, and what they can do.

A Pathagoras Drop Down List is presented in a standard drop down box at the top of your editing screen.

Just like with other drop down lists, it is simply 'point and click' to retrieve the desired information. No navigation whatsoever is required!

Its content is a listing of all files in a folder that you select.

The folder is a standard Windows folder.

The folder can be any folder you choose. And the folder can contain anything.

In most cases, the folder will contain Word documents. But you are in no way limited to just documents.

The folders can contain text files, images (.jpg or .gif, .tiff, etc. files), Excel® spreadsheets, PDF files,  WordPerfect®  documents or . . . , well, you get the picture -- anything.

You can activate a 'Tree Service' feature, allowing the display of the contents of the parent folder and, in two clicks, the contents of any child folder beneath.

A DropDown List can also reference the contents of a glossary (a single document containing dozens or hundreds of separate terms). The same 'non-restrictions' apply to glossary DropDown Lists as apply to those representing folders.

You can maintain up to 10 DropDown Lists showing on screen simultaneously.

You can maintain up two separate collections of DropDown Lists (effectively doubling the number of Lists that you can access).

You must see it to believe it, but once you do, you will be hooked.

   Creating each DropDown List takes 30 seconds tops. Once created the List remains always active, always visible and always ready. When you exit Word and then return, so do the DropDown Lists.

  Create DropDown List from Document Assembly Screen

  Create DropDown List from Clause Selection Screen

  Create DropDown List 'free hand'

   Creating and using DropDown List 'Collections'

Click the button_next_h button in the menu bar to read more about DropDown Lists