DropDown Lists pull double (if not triple and quadruple) duty.

DropDown Lists can be used to select complete documents for processing. Typically the New Doc toggle will be set.

DropDown Lists can be used to insert that 'one last clause' that makes the document complete. Typically the 'Insert' toggle will be set.

By clicking the <<Other Settings and Actions>> element at the bottom of the List, you can convert the List into a fully functional Clause Selection Screen, allowing you a whole new range of clause/document assembly options. Click this link to read more. 

DropDown Lists can function as 'text expanders.' The name of any entry in a List can by typed to the editing screen. Press Alt-G and Pathagoras instantly finds the clause and inserts it into your document.

Document disassembler. The Save text to Folder element makes it incredibly easy (not to mention incredibly fast) to highlight and save snippets (words, sentences, paragraphs and even large swaths of highly formatted text) into the DropDown List's folder. Highlight your text, click 'Save text to Folder' from the desired DropDown List, give the term a name, and it's done.

Clause Set builder. If your DropDown List contains clauses that can be used to build a complete document, you can 'pre-build' one or more documents using only clause references. Make sure the 'Insert Name' toggle is set as you are clicking in the individual clauses. Save the clause set as a document in the DropDown List folder. Next time you need the 'simple will' (or whatever you created), just click in the clause set. Pathagoras handles the rest.

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