Dropbox Parent Link [DBP]

   What if my Dropbox folder is addresses as 'C:\users\myname\Dropbox\Pathagoras documents' and the Dropbox folder on your cube mate's computer is 'C\:users\hisname\Dropbox\PathagorasDocuments'? Well, in that case, the pointers in your Dropdown Lists, Libraries and Books will not be compatible with each other.

   Not to worry. You can create a 'universal' pointer that, when used, will always point to the proper location. This universal pointer is call the DropBox Parent (or [DBP] for short).

   To set  your Dropbox Parent, (1) click Pathagoras Features | Utilities & Settings | Network. (2) Click the 'Parent' Path Settings tab. (3) In the field at the right, type the initial part of the path to your DropBox folder (up to and including the final 'Dropbox\") Press Save.


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   When creating and saving references to your DropBox, etc. folder, Pathagoras will replace c:\users\myname\DropBox' with [DBP]. When Pathagoras encounters '[DBP]'in an address on any computer, it will replace [DBP] with the extended 'DropBox Parent' path.  In this way, a document is always called via your personal path.

NOTE: The Dropbox Parent pointer can also point to OneDrive and Google Drive locations. But at present, only one pointer is allowed per system.

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