The above techniques work fine when the items you want to 'dis-assemble' are few. But if you want to dis-assemble an entire 20 page contract or trust document into perhaps 50 (or 150) component parts, another approach is advisable.

   'Document Dis-assembly in Bulk' is an alternative to the one-at-a-time approach discussed in the previous pages. It requires a good bit of document preparation (to mark out the begin- and end-points of each clause-to-be, and to assign a title and a subject to the new clauses. But once the prep is complete, Pathagoras can perform the actual dis-assembly work for you automatically.

   Bulk Document Dis-assembly is discussed in a separate pamphlet which can be downloaded from this link.

   As you mark up your document for disassembly, be mindful that the 'location' of the closing boundary marker will affect not only the last paragraph captured in the disassembly process, but the 'next' paragraph when the documents are reassembled. So, if you want the 'next' paragraph to come in 'clean' (without indents,bullets, numbers, etc. from the previous selection, make sure the closing marker is on a 'clean' line. See this discussion on Last Paragraph issues.

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