Spacing between paragraphs:

   If you have a series of paragraphs that are coming in properly, but without any space between the paragraphs, try one of the following:

1. Choose the 'stacked' option. This will add an extra line between each paragraph as it is inserted.

2. Change the paragraph settings to add an extra bit of space between each paragraph. You can apply this setting to the style of the receiving document or (and probably better) to the style of the source document.

Order of clauses:

   You can easily change the order of the clauses you select using the 'rearrange' arrow buttons to the right of the 'Selected Clauses' panel.

Editing a clause:

   Pathagoras makes it easy to access your clauses for editing. While the Libraries & Books screen, click the Open Folder option that appears after you select a Book. Pathagoras quickly displays the proper folder and you can select the item you wish to edit. If you are using the prefix/suffix naming style, perhaps you know the subject of the clause, but not its name. No program. Just click Next from the Libraries & Books screen to display the Clause Selection Screen. Making sure that 'Subjects' is selected as the display, select the clause you want to edit and add it to the right panel. Click the 'View/Edit' radio option at the right and then click Next.

Inconsistent Margins and Styles:

   When the margins, pages size, orientation or styles in the various documents that you are trying to assemble are not consistent with each other, you have two possible solutions:

1. Use Word 'sections' and at the top of the actual document where margins change, add a section break and re-assign the margins. Then when the document is assembled, that section break will be detected and the margins will be adopted. Make sure you do the same with the document that follows. This is not the favored solution because of the amount of setup involved.

2. Run your selected documents as individual documents. Before clicking the Next button on the Clause Selection screen, click the Additional Assembly Options button and check the first box "Place each item into separate editing screen."

3. If you have created a Clause Set containing the desired document, you can Run your Clause Set as a "Document Package". See this section of the Manual on how to create and then run a Clause Set as a Document Package.