'Packages' of <<document calls>> can be easily composed, giving you an entire document will simply references to the desired text. Just list the <<documents calls>> you want the package to return. Save the document with a name that describes its content. (It is not necessary that the package contain only <<document calls>>. You can have as much 'other text' that you want.)

   For example, let's say you regularly create estate planning packages comprising a Revocable Living Trust, Pour-over Will, Power of Attorney, and Advanced Medical Directive. You could create a single document that contains a series of document calls. That document might look like this:

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A document package with fully qualified document calls.


   Save the document as, for example "Estate Planning Package". When the document is recalled and processed, Pathagoras will locate the individual documents and insert them in place of the 'call'. Very quickly, you will have a complete package of documents.

    If the documents comprising the package are within the 'hunt path' (such as in a DropDown List; see Order of Search rules), you don't even need to include the drive and path. Pathagoras will find it automatically and insert the text in place of the call. The whole document could look like this:

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A document package with just name references.
If the document is in the Pathagoras 'hunt path,' Pathagoras will find in less than a second.

   This 'type' of document package is separate from, but complementary to, the document packages that you can create from the Clause Selection Screen. See discussion at this link.

  The possible uses of <<Document Name>> references are limitless. Here are a few Tips and ideas to consider.

   In the above examples, 'complete' documents were used to create the document package. However, there is no restriction as to what a document package can be. The individual documents could just as easily have been individual clauses that make up a classic "I Love You" Will. E.g.,









tip   If you have a DropDown List of clauses that you would like to use to insert <<document name>> references, cycle to the <<Insert Name>> option in the upper left quadrant of the DropDown Lists section. As you click on an item in the DropDown List, its name, surrounded by DABs will be inserted. There is no quicker way to create a Document Package.