When a value is assigned to a !groupname!, that value is the positional value of the selection. So if you listed all 50 United States in alphabetical order (and for some reason you did not use an *Alias*), and selected 'Florida', the !groupname! assigned to that element would be set to the value "9". But the list of States is long. Other lists can be long. Do you have to count positions each and every time?!? No, of course not.

   You can ask Pathagoras to pre-pend as hidden text a number reflecting the position of each item in an Options list. You can turn on and off the display of the hidden numbers by clicking on the pilcro.

   Highlight the list and click over to "Pathagoras Features | Authoring/Editing Tools | Miscellaneous". Select the 'Add Hidden #s to Choices'. If you add more choices to the list, you can also 'Delete' the existing numbers and the re-apply.

   Don't forget that you can add these tools to your Alt-Q menu. Look for 'Add Hidden #s' and Del Hidden #s.)