Users writing contracts, technical  or other highly specialized documents often require sections that provide definitions of terms.

There are several approaches that Pathagoras offers:


Your definitions can be resident in the document. It would contain all possible definitions:

Each defined clause would be

benefits: primarily formatting. Since the definitions are already built into the document you are creating, there would be no formatting changes.



In document: If your definitions are resident in the document, the target is the same. Definitions that are not called for are removed; those that are called for in the document remain.

Separate document

   In Table: You can tell Pathagoras to transfer terms that require definitions into a two column table. The right side of the table contains the terms name; the left side contains the definitions

  "Prose:" The result of the process is a document that resembles the

Marking the clauses that require defining. Set them out in the document in between & (ampersand) markers.


The Process

When you are ready to process the document for its definitions, press Alt-P (for process). Pathagoras will check for Options and Optional text blocks(if there are any) and then process the Defnitions blocks. It will look for any &Terms& in the document and compare them to Definitions exisiting in the document (as determiened by bookmarks.)


DropDown List:

The Definitions source can be transferred into one of your DropDown Lists so that you can click definition into a document that was left out during assembly.

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