Default Settings

You can create or change 'default' settings on any 'action' screen by pressing the Shift button before clicking on the item.

A 'default' setting is one that will be pre-selected when you first enter or call up the screen.

'Action' screens are those screens that lead directly to a primary Pathagoras function. Most screens that you will see are action screens.

To unset a selection, either choose a new default, or Shift-click the same selection. A screen will appear to confirm your action.


Pressing Shift-click on a radio button at the left in the Libraries & Books screen your selection the 'default' book.

Shift-clicking 'Names' or 'Subjects' or 'Clause-Sets' in the middle box sets the default display in the Clause Selection Screen.

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Shift+left mouse click will set any option as the new default.

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