There are two main reasons why the entries in the DropDown List may not appear as you expect them to:

Issue: "I know that a file is in the folder (or clause is in the glossary) to which the List points. But that file or clause does not appear in the DropDown List. Why not?"

Solution: The List just needs to be refreshed. Click the «Refresh» entry near the bottom of the DropDown List

Issue: "My DropDown List is set to display the subjects of the terms in my glossary, and I have assigned subjects to all of my terms. However, for several entries in the List, the term '(no subject)' appears. Why?"

Solution:  This issue has been reported only when a 'glossary' is the object of the DropDown List. The cause is that there is an extra line between the Subject (the blue text in the glossary just above the actual term text) and the beginning of the actual term text. (For the glossary to be properly read, there can be no lines between the red name, the blue subject and the beginning of the actual text of the term.)
   You can fix this by displaying the glossary and manually removing the extra line.

   You can run Pathagoras' 'Structure Checker' against the glossary. This is the better alternative since it will not only fix the problem at hand, but it will check the entire glossary structure for you.

   Here are the steps to run the Structure Checker:

1.Display the glossary. (The quickest way is to click the «Open Glossary» item from the DropDown List or Open Glossary from the Document Assembly 'Libraries & Books' screen.)

2.With the glossary 'on display,' click the Pathagoras dropdown features list and select "Authoring/Editing Creation Tools".

3.Click "Glossary Tools".

4.Click the <Structure & Integrity> button.

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