Pathagoras let's you present the same date in both the 'regular' (e.g., "August 23, 2019"), 'extended' (e.g.,"23rd day of August, 2019") and shortened (e.g., '8/23/19') formats in different locations in the document, based on a single presentation of that date. It is done simply by appending the characters "(ext)' to the base date variable.

So, in one document location, create the 'base' date variable. E.g., [Date of Contract]

In a second location, create the identical variable, but add the text "(ext)" (or other appropriate modifier) immediately after the end of the variable name and before the closing bracket. E.g., [Date of Contract(ext)]

When you scan the document with Instant Database, only the base variable will appear on the IDB screen. Provide a date in the adjacent text block on the IDB screen.

When you press the Next button, the variables [Date of Contract] and[Date of Contract(ext)]will be replaced with the appropriately formatted dates.

Here is the whole list:

o[Date of Contract]  (complete this with any valid date, in any style; e.g., August 23, 2018)

o[Date of Contract(ext)] = twenty-third day of August, 2018

o[Date of Contract(num)] = 8/23/18

o[Date of Contract(num4)] = 8/23/2018

o[Date of Contract(day)] = 23

o[Date of Contract(month)] = August

o[Date of Contract(mon)] = Aug

o[Date of Contract(year)] = 2018

o[Date of Contract(yr)] = 18



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