CVW Creating New Variables

  The left side of the Create Variables Wizard is used to clean up a document that is currently 'personal' in nature. Its use is best suited for those situations where you have no existing variables in a mask (variables list) from which you wish to draw. That is, you intend to create variables 'from scratch.'

  Here are the steps:

1.Highlight the first piece of personal information in the document (a name, an address, color, date, etc.)

2.If the Create Variables Assistant is not yet displayed, press <Alt-V>.

3.Click "Convert to variable" button.

4.Pathagoras will ask you to provide a variable name to replace the personal information.  Type something like "Name of Customer" or "Address of Client" or "Shipping Date" or whatever is appropriate. (Don't include the bracket. Pathagoras adds that for you automatically.)


5.Pathagoras will replace the highlighted text with variable. It will automatically be enclosed with brackets (assuming you did not uncheck the option to do so). If you directed Pathagoras to replace all other instances of the 'highlighted text,' the program will do that for you as well.

6.If you want to tell Pathagoras to replace variables not just in the opened document, but in all documents in the folder containing the document you are currently editing, check the ' . . . and all documents in this folder' box.


7.Continue replacing personal data with variables. The CVA will remain on screen. If it gets 'in the way' you can easily drag it to a corner of your screen.'

informationIf the document you are working on already contains variable-type names (as opposed to personal data),   you can press the '[Bracket Text] only' button.

tipIf the personal information is a single word, you need only place your cursor within the word. Pathagoras will expand to include the whole word. Further, if, as you highlight text, you picked up the space at the end of the last word, don't worry about backing it out. Pathagoras will automatically back it out for you.