Creating 'Fancy' Form (Automatic)

   If you have a Mask, an existing record for a specific client, or just a page of variables ready to be scanned, Pathagoras can create a 'Fancy' intake form for you from just that content.

   Here are the steps to create the form

 a. Display the Instant Database screen. Display a Mask, a record, or scan a document that contains the variables you want. (The latter may be preferable if you have a list of variables in the preferred order of appearance.)

       b. Press the Power Tools button

 c. Click the Print/Transfer Variables button.

 d. Select "Create 'Fancy Intake' Form"

 e. Enter the number of columns you wish the form to initially contain. (You can add more columns or divide specific cells into two, at a later time.

 f. Pathagoras calls up a sample (but very usable and editable) form and inserts a table with the proper number of columns and rows to account for the variables.

 g. Edit to your hearts content. Add rows, split cells, split the table (for 'sections' of the interview. Word (not Pathagoras) provides the tools that allow you to manipulate the table. And remember -- you can cut and paste between and among cells. It's quite easy. Remember to follow the caveats listing the previous section of this Manual.

Hints and tips:

   If you want to add 'friendly prompts' to a cell ('Your name' vs. '[Client Name]', 'Best Contact' vs. '[Contact Name]', etc.), before performing step 'c.' above, add your 'friendly prompts' into the value (right) side of the Instant Database screen. These values will be used as the 'friendly prompts' in the Intake Form.

   Multiple choice variables, if they are not to be ignored, must have either a !groupname! or a title. (A !group name! is a term enclosed within "!" marks. A title is a word within the variable that is separated from the variable's values by a colon.

   You can add a second (or third) table, allowing you to create 'sections' on the Intake Form. Just add '[NewSection]' as a 'variable' and Pathagoras will start a new table. If you want Pathagoras to create a header, add a colon and the header text. E.g. '[NewSection:Children]'.