Create Intake Form from a Mask -- Automatically

   Let's assume you are starting from 'scratch.' You have variables from Word but nothing in Excel. You can quickly and easily create a form by following the steps below.

1.In Excel, display the Instant Database screen.

2.Select from the dropdown list in the upper left corner of the screen the Mask that contains the variables with which you want to work. (If you do not have a Mask, create one following the steps in the main Pathagoras Help System. Click here for that screen.)

3.Click the red 'Power Tools'  button to reveal additional buttons.

4.Click the Create Excel 'Intake Sheet.' (Arrow in figure below points to the button.)
Pathagoras will create a listing of the variable names down Column 1 of a new Excel spreadsheet. From there you can name the cells to the right using any of the cell naming techniques discussed in earlier sections of this Manual.

Click to enlarge.


   Once you have finished naming your cells, go back and relabel the contents of 'Column A' to something more meaningful for the user. (Remember, once the cell is named, it doesn't matter what the content of any surrounding cell is. So use those cells to provide meaningful instructions on how to complete the adjacent cell.)