Modifying an Existing Form

  Perhaps you have a form in Excel with which you already capture data. Terrific. Now you can automate it for use with Pathagoras (Word).

The steps here are similar to the above 'from scratch' instructions, but you want to make sure that the names of the cells match the names in your IDB Mask.

Manually: With a printed list of your variables in hand, manually name the appropriate cells with names of the variables. See this link for how to manually name a single cell.  

We presume, since you are using an existing form, that descriptive names already reside in the cells above, below, to the left or to the right of the cell(s) that you have named and which will contain the value(s) for the variables you will transfer into the Instant Database system. If the descriptive names are themselves 'boring', consider the following:

tipIf the labels or descriptions that tell the end user what goes into the adjacent cell are simply a 'repeat' of the  variable name, consider adding a more descriptive term. If you had ClientName in Column A as the lead in for naming the cell in Column B, once the cell is named, you can change the value in Column A to something quite meaningful and useful, perhaps: "Insert Client's Full Name Here:". Be sure to consider who is actually going to be completing the form. If you are sending the form to the client for him or her to complete, "Insert Your Full Name Here:" is infinitely better than "Client Name"