Pathagoras has strong connectivity with Word's sister program Excel. Using the tools discussed above, you can easily assign your favorite Excel spreadsheet which currently stores your company or firm's data to one of your three instant access databases.

Information on how to pull Excel data directly into your Word document is found beginning at this page of the Manual.

Further, Pathagoras offers an Excel version of its program. Using that product, you can create a form in Excel designed to capture data that you can use both in Excel and (immediately) in Word. The benefit of the Excel method is its ability to create fancier intake forms. The form can be completed locally or sent via email or posted on the web for complete by a client or customer. When the completed form is sent back, an Instant Database record can be created in three mouse clicks. Click the link to view the Pathagoras for Excel Manual. See Section 6 "Data Collection Forms" for instructions and illustrated examples.