Your First DropDown List

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Definition: A drop down list is any of those lists that currently sit at the top of your Word editing screen that give you quick access to Word settings.

For example, Word presents the various 'Styles’ and 'Fonts’ which provide visual texture to your documents in drop down lists. All you have to do is point and click to an item within the list and Word does the rest.
As applied to Pathagoras, a DropDown List is a list that you can create that points to any document folder in your system. Accessing a document is two-clicks fast.

The Process:  Pathagoras’ allows you to create special DropDown Lists of the contents of any folder. These Lists function in a fashion identical to Word's drop down lists: You point, you click, and the selected element is applied to your document. In this case the selected document is automatically inserted into the current document.

The folder you select to populate a DropDown List can be any folder on your system.
The folder can contain anything -- Word documents, Word Perfect® documents, images, PDF files. Anything.

   Creating a DropDown List takes 30 seconds tops. Once created the List remains always active, always visible and always ready. When you exit Word and then return, so do the DropDown Lists.

   You can maintain up to 10 DropDown Lists simultaneously (5 in the Demo version).

Your Turn:


1)The Pathagoras Features List (the "Pathagoras" button, 4th from the left) and select DropDown Lists from the resulting menu.
2)Keeping the default settings at each opportunity, click Next until you are asked to navigate to the folder that contains the documents you want to include in the DropDown List. Navigate to that folder and select on document from that folder (it doesn't matter which document you select. You are just locking in a folder selection, not a particular document.) Accept the default name of the list (or change it if you wish)/
3)The DropDown List should instantly appear in the menu area of the screen.

From the Libraries and Books screen:

1)Display the Libraries & Books screen and select the book from which you wish to create a DropDown List.
2)The action box opens in the middle of the Libraries & Books screen. Click “Create DropDown List” option.
3)Click Next>>.

Click to reduce.
Create DropDown List using a Book in a Library.

4)The contents of the selected book is quickly created. It displays on your screen in the menu area. (Word 2007 users: it is behind the Pathagoras tab.) It is also ready to use with no further effort. Just point and click on the clause you desire.


Using a DropDown List to create/augment documents:

To instantly move the contents of any file from the list into your document, just point and click. Once the list is created, you never have to navigate to a clause in the list ever again!


Click to enlarge.

The DropDown lists displays in the Menu area.


Click to enlarge.

DropDown list 'dropped down'.  Select a clause.

Depending upon the state of the <<Insert/New Doc>> indictor at the right end of the List, the selected item is placed in the document.

If <<Insert>> is displayed, the selected document is simply inserted into the current document at the last cursor location.
If the indicator reflects <<New Doc>>, a new document will be added, and the text is added to the new document.

  tipIf you tend to use 'complete documents' as your source forms, you definitely should use DropDown Lists for creating new documents. The 'typical' document assembly session, using the Document Assembly Icon is at least 7 key clicks (still less that without Pathagoras, but not an insignificant number). With DropDown Lists, the number of clicks to get to the document of your choice is only TWO!