Converting Word Perfect variables

   If you have a series of Word Perfect variables in your document (identified by the chevrons which surround them), Pathagoras can convert them to bracketed variables in two steps.

  You must first convert the Word Perfect variables (which are true 'fields') to 'plain text.' Do so by clicking down the Pathagoras features menu. Select the Database element and the 'Delete DB fields.'

  The second step uses the Create Variables Wizard. Highlight a Word Perfect variable and then press Alt-V to activate the wizard. Press the 'Convert to Variable' button.

Pathagoras will 'see' the chevrons and inquire as to whether this is a HotDocs variable (which is presumes). Say no.

Pathagoras asks if you want

(a) to process the variables through the Instant Database screen or

(b) whether you simply want to convert chevrons into brackets.

Use the second option when the variable term within chevrons is meaningful. Use the first option when not.  (Often these variables are something like «Field 1» or simply «1».) If you choose option (a), Pathagoras will scan the document for all of the chevron-bounded words and display them in the left column of an Instant Database screen. Provide meaningful variable names at the right (don't insert brackets. Pathagoras will do that for you.) Press Next when completed.