To display the menu that allows you access to Pathagoras' various Content Control tools decribed above, click "Pathagoras Features (bottom half of button) | Process Tools | Content Controls." *


Click to expand.

Click to collapse.

tip*If you find yourself using Content Controls frequently, you should elevate the Content Control call to your Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) and/or add it to your Quick Picks (Alt-Q) menu.

When selected, this menu appears:

Click to expand.

Click to collapse

 Select the appropriate button. The function of each button will be discussed in the following sections.

The 'Convert' button will convert "<<*CC_...*>> commands into embedded Content Controls, but otherwise leave the document intact.

The 'List' button will display a selectable listing of the various controls,displaying the title that was assigned to the control. Select just the one you want to work on and the screen will focus on that Control.

Use 'Scan' after you have sent a form containing 'blank' Content Controls to a client or customer for completion, and it has now been returned.  Pathagoras will scan the underlying document and to present the completed values into an Instant Database record. The 'title' of the Control will convert to the variable name, and Pathagoras will add brackets if you did not. The value provided by the client/customer (including text,a selection made from a list, or the true/false value of a checkbox) will display in the right column.